Located in the centre of the country, Penela is commonly named as the “Crib Village”, for its beauty and physical situation with its houses and building coming down the hill.
Penela is one of the most ancient Portuguese villages, founded more or less at the same time as Portugal, as a country.
The Castle it’s the most important monument in the village, and provides an excellent panorama over the surrounding landscape, namely sights over the village and the vegetation of the beautiful Lousã mountain range.
Penela has some highlights such as its Pillory, the São Miguel, the 16th century Misericórdia or the Santa Eufémia Churches, among many others throughout the region.
Nearby there are some very interesting traditional small villages, with rural architecture, such as Ferraria de S. João, in Cumieira.
Located close to Penela is the locality of Rabaçal, with an important Roman Villa, dating from the 4th century a.C, and a beautiful valley, where a special herb is planted, and is one of the secrets of the delicious region’s Cheese, along with a mixture of both goat and sheep milk.

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N 40º 1' 48.88'' , W 8º 23' 33.09''

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