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Peso da Régua

Peso da Régua, also known only as “Régua” is a town located in the North region of Portugal, next to the Douro river, known to be the capital of the demarcated region that produces the much appreciated Port wine.

There are no certains about the origin of this locality, however a Roman “Villae” existed supposedly in this place, named “Villa Reguela”.
Peso da Régua got its greater development in 1756 when the Portuguese Minister Marquês de Pombal created the “Real Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro” (Royal Company of Vine-Growers from the Alto Douro Region), which set up the world's first ever demarcated region for wine production.
The Company’s lodges are built in Peso da Régua and the first Wine Fairs” are created. These fairs used to last eight days and were the basis for the development of new commercial structures, restaurants, cafeterias, accommodation, games and leisure houses, among many other services that helped developed the town.
It was from Peso da Régua that the typical “Rabelo” wooden embarkations departed through the river Douro right into Vila Nova de Gaia, where the Port Wine Cellars are located.

The natural landscapes of the region are astonishing and quite special, in fact, the Alto Douro is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, providing idyllic panoramas, with superb view point like the ones of São Leonardo and Santo António do Loureiro.

From Peso da Régua wharf leave and arrive many of the famous Douro cruises that navigate through this beautiful river. The wharf also provides a leisure are with pedestrian walks, tennis courts, swimming pool, fishing equipments, restaurants and bars, handicraft shops, among other facilities. Another highlight not to be missed in Peso da Régua, is the Douro Museum, installed in the Casa da Companhia building, showing off the significance of the Douro heritage through the many exhibitions the museum provides.

The region is rich in manor houses and big farms (the “Quintas”) from the big “Wine masters”, many of them opened to the public, showing the wealth that this production brought to the region, nevertheless Peso da Régua has other interesting monuments like the São Faustino Mother Church, the Asilo Vasques Osório Church, or the lovely the Espírito Santo, Nossa Senhora do Desterro, São João and Nossa Senhora da Boa Morte Chapels.

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