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Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz is a charming village situated on the northern area of the wonderful Madeira Island, and is one of the most ancient localities in the northern side of the island, famous for its natural swimming pools.
This region was during many centuries isolated from the other localities of the island, only accessible by foot or by sea. Only after the 2nd Great World War the lovely road with astonishing landscapes and waterfalls that links the region of Porto Moniz to the São Vicente department.

Porto Moniz is one of the most photographed villages in the Madeira Island as it presents landscapes of great beauty, surrounded by agricultural fields and with the village nestled in the mountain valley, facing the immense Atlantic Ocean.

The natural swimming pools formed in the volcanic rocks, linked among them by concrete sidewalks, allow a wonderful panorama, in between rocks sculpted by the ocean erosion that form lovely effects and a light typical foam. These swimming pools are the image of Porto Moniz, bringing many visitors to the region. The village is also endowed with a covered swimming pool, perfect for bad weather days.

Porto Moniz is proud of its natural and architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the 17th century Mother Church, or the Santa Maria Madalena Church, or even the São João Baptista Fort that houses nowadays the Madeira Aquarium.

The natural heritage presents unique places, with an unique neauty, from where one can access the famous Madeira “Levadas” that explore the amazing Laurissilva Florest, classified by UNESCO as Wordl Mundial Heritage, built all over the centuries for the rain waters good use in order to irrigate this geographically difficult relief. In the Proto Moniz region one can access several Levadas, such as the Ribeira da Janela, Cedros or the 25 Fontes ones, allowing unique moments of contact with nature.

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