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Proença-a-Nova is a lovely village located in the Central region of Portugal, located in an area of great natural beauty, with astonishing landscapes and conditions for the most diversified type of leisure and sport activities.

The human occupation vestiges in this territory are quite remote, with many archaeological vestiges discovered in the area, like the Sobreira Formosa e Proença-a-Nova Anta’s and many other Roman vestiges, like the Malhadal Bridge that many say was built in the Roman occupation Period.
Proença-a-Nova presents its lovely Mother Church recently restored, an interesting Pillory and the charming Misericórdia, Santo António, Espírito Santo, São Bartolomeu and São Sebastião Chapels.

Situated in such a blessed by nature region, in the Proença-a-Nova roundabouts there are several Fluvial Beaches, like the Fróia, Malhadal and Aldeia Ruiva Fluvial Beaches, perfect for the practice of the most diversified tourist activities.
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