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Redondo is a lovely small village in the heart of the vast Alentejo region, famous for its pottery and quality top wine.

This is a region with very ancient human occupation, with archaeological vestiges since pre-historical times, as one can observe through the many megalithic monuments, like the Vidigueira, Comeeiro, Venda do Duque and Candeeira Anta’s, among many other dating from that period.

The quiet and simple streets, with small white houses decorated with coloured bands around the doors and windows, breathe the peace of mind of this Alentejo’s region, among interesting monuments like the Castle, the Mother Church (16th and 17th centuries), the Manueline Misericórdia Church, the 17th century Calvário Church, or the 17th century Nossa Senhora da Saúde Church, as well as the village’s Pillory.

The combination of granite and schist fertile soils produce one of the major goods of the region: the renowned Wine.

Tradition in Redondo still is what it used to be, producing nowadays Handicraft with ancient techniques, like the pottery and clay work, with typical decoration of flowers and naïf images of rural life scenes.

These two important products are present in the two locality museums: the “Wine Museum” and the “Clay Museum”.

Nearby Redondo is situated the lovely São Paulo Convent, also known as São Paulo da Serra de Ossa, or Serra de Ossa Convent, situated right in the Ossa Mountain. This is a Conventual building dated from the 14th century, nowadays adapted into a famous luxury hotel.
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