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Sabugal is a lovely small town in the Central region of the Country, in a mountain side area, bathed by the lovely River Côa, since early times a stage of conflicts and battles and therefore surrounded by defensive fortifications.
This is a region of ancient human occupation, with several vestiges from the Bronze and the Iron Age.
Sabugal was built over an ancient hill fort that was latter occupied by the Romans. During the Middle Age this territory had several conflicts, being finally re-conquered on the 13th century. Testimony of this unstable period are the many castles on Sabugal’s surroundings: Alfaiates, Vilar Maior, Sabugal, Vila do Touro and Sortelha.

Sabugal is integrated on the amazing Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve, where several fauna and flora species are protected and one of the main places that still protects the Iberian Lynx, in risk of extinction.

Sabugal has some interesting monuments, like the Castle, the Misericórdia Church, the lovely Pillory, the pleasant Jardim da Poldras, a restored green space with many children’s activities, the Largo da Fonte Garden, the Ponte de Açude Gardens with astonishing landscapes over the Castle and the Côa river, and the interesting Municipal museum, dedicated to ethnology and archaeology.

In the Sabugal region many small villages remain almost intact to the passage of time, showing its beauty and tradition that has been able to survive up into these days with many interesting things to tell.

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