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Santa Maria da Feira

Santa Maria da Feira is a town situated in the north region of the country, surrounded by a luxuriant nature, located in a region privileged with good accesses since remote times.

This is a region of very ancient human occupancy, where it can be found several vestiges like pre-historic hill forts and roman stations, like the town of “Lancóbriga”, vestiges of public baths and pieces of roads and bridges, as well as important agricultural knowledge.
The Castle is built in the 10th century and all the settlement is developed around it. The Castle soon gains more and more importance and during the Middle Age is already an important Market for all the region and well known in far away places.

Santa Maria da Feira is situated in a region dotted with fertile soils that were the main developing tool of the region that still nowadays produces some of the freshest-quality products.

It is worth to know the Town’s Castle overlooking the town, the lovely Mother Church from the 18th century, the 16th century Misericórdia Church, or simply relax and have a walk in the lovely Historical centre of Santa Maria da Feira.

Throughout the region there are several Manor Houses, as a statement of all the agricultural production over the centuries, with lovely places lik eht Condes de Fijô Solar, the Casa Portela or the Quinta da Torre with beautiful Romantic Gardens.

Santa Maria da Feira region is nowadays doted with great facilities and structures like the “Europarque”, a congress centre that provides several cultural events, the “Visionarim”, a interactive science museum, and also other Museums like the Paper Museum, the Lóios Museum or the Santa Maria de Lamas Museum.

The festivities of Santa Maria da Feira are filled with passion and tradition, like the famous “Fogaceiras Feast”, every year on the 20th of January, with an interesting procession with girls transporting “fogaças” on their heads. “Fogaças” are a kind of sweet wheat bread.
Another important Festivity is the great “Medieval Journey”, in August, when the town seems to time travel and getting back to the Medieval period and many activities, animation and shows take place, and a large number of visitors celebrate together.
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