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Santana is a lovely town situated in the greenish northern coast of the lovely Madeira Island, famous for its traditional triangular houses with two floors and stem ceiling, coloured with the typical Madeira colours of white, blue and red.

Situated at about 312 meters hugh, from here one has astonishing panoramas over the Island and the Atlantic coast, as well as unforgettable views over the Laurissilva Forest, classified by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

Santana is famous for its vivid traditions that have prevailed over the centuries, fact that derivates from its prolonged isolation, as during many years Santana was inaccessible by ocean and land.
Land of fertile soils, here are produced many of the natural products of the Island.

It is worth knowing the rich heritage of the Santana region, either the natural, where there are several and lovely Levadas that show off the agricultural importance over the centuries, and also the amazing wild side of the Madeira Island; as well as the architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the Santo António Chapel dated from the 16th century or the Santa Ana Chapel (17th century).

Sites such as the Pico Cortado, the Achada do Teixeira (at about 1592 metres high), the Cova da Roda or the Pico Ruivo (at 1862 metres high) show off the natural charm of the “Atlantic Pearl” (as the Madeira Island is often named as), where the green of the vegetation merges with exotic flowers and plants, in the island where Spring lasts all year.

Also in Santana is situated the Thematic Park of Madeira, dedicated to the history, science and tradition of this wonderful Madeira Archipelago, endowed with four multimedia pavilions.
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