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São Roque do Pico

São Roque do Pico is a lovely village located on the beautiful northern coast of the amazing Pico Island, Azores Archipelago.
This is a region of great natural beauty, characterized by its colour and ambiance, with the dark volcanic soils and rocks, popularly named as “mistérios” (mysteries) contrasting deliciously with the profuse green of the vegetation, and the colourful plants and flowers.

São Roque do Pico has a strong ancient Whale tradition, still visible in its typical streets that face proudly the vast Atlantic Ocean. This tradition has origins in the 18th century when the Americans arrived and introduced the Cachalot Hunting, activity that grew up to be the main one in São Roque do Pico, along the industry of all the products derived from it, such as whale powders and oils.

The village is proud of its rich heritage, with monuments such as the lovely 18th century Mother Church, the Convent and Church of São Pedro de Ancântara (18th century), in an opulent Baroque style, from where one has astonishing panoramas over the locality.
Quite important is the Whaling Industry Museum and the Whaleman Museum, showing off the lifestyle and the industry of the main activity of the village in the past.
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