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Sardoal is a lovely village located in the central region of the Country, in between the fertile plain landscape of the Ribatejo province and the mountain side landscape of the Beira province, often named as “Garden Village”.

The village is characterized by its charming white houses, with coloured bands and flowers, reminding of the typical architectural of the Alentejo’s region, coming down the hill with a lovely pavement built with the pebbles taken from the river.

Sardoal origins are quite ancient, with several vestiges of human occupancy since remote times, like the ones found in São Domingos, and the vestiges of an ancient settlement in Cabeça de Mós, as well as a part of a Roman pavement, in Valhascos and another next to the São Francisco Bridge.
This village was also a settlement chosen by some kings to stay on, and here was born a princess.

Sardoal is proud of its rich heritage, like the 16th century Mother Church with several works of the great Renaissance artist known as Sardoal Master, the Misericórdia Church founded in 1509 with a lovely Portal of Nicolau de Chaterenne, or the lovely São Mateus Church, the 16th century Santa Maria da Caridade Convent, the Manor House Casa Grande or the Almeidas (18th century), the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Chapel, the Três Bicas and the Velha Fountains, or even the many Windmills present throughout the region.

Quite famous are the Sardoal’s popular festivities that take place every September, when the streets get decorated and animated and an important Handicraft Fair with regional products is held. Also quite interesting is the Festivities that take place during the Holy Week, with a magnificent Procession.
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