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Located on a hill in the Serra de Monchique chain, Silves owes its foundation and development to the Arade river. This was long an important means of communication attracting settlers as far back as the Iron Age, 3,000 years before Christ. The Arade river also proved the point of entry for the Romans that came to exploit the copper reserves and trade other products such as olive oil, wine, dried fruits and salt.
In Silves the past merges with the present to make every visit an enduring memory. Several monuments are worth the visit (e.g. the Castle, the Roman Bridge, the Old Cathedral, the Mercy Church, the Historical Centre, the Our Lady of Martyrs Chapel, the Walls, the Pillory, …) proving that even in the Algarve mountain range side, far from the sandy beaches, there are many things to do and discover, in charming, historical and interesting places like Silves.
The old cork factory was recently restored and transformed into a performance centre with regular events and a great deal of children’s entertainment. The so-called English Factory has contributed to the city’s revival and has swiftly turned into a centre for regional cultural development attracting large numbers of visitors. Among many other pleasant characteristics, Silves still has to offer quality restaurants, bars, accommodation, a well-known medieval festival and, naturally, the astonishing landscape.

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