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Vale de Cambra

Land of delightful contrasts, Vale de Cambra is located in between the bucolic nature of the Freita Mountain and the modernity or the urban area.

Located at about 40km distance from Oporto town, Vale de Cambra is a fertile valley, protected by the surrounding small mountains, that allowed, since early times, the populations fixation.
There area some archaeological vestiges ant toponym researches that lead to the conclusion that this was a territory occupied by pre and proto-historical civilizations.

The region presents an immense forest area (about 70% of the territory), amazing landscapes throughout the Caima river, and charming mountain side small villages that are worth to be known.
Side by side lives the tradition of remote small villages (such as Arões, Junqueira or Cepelos), sources of landscape, historical, gastronomic and handicraft heritage.

Interesting Monuments:
The lovely Rôge Pillory, the Arões Church Portal, ancient stone bridges, among many other heritage elements, such as the many Baroque Manor Houses that can be seen throughout Vale de Cambra’s region showing off the richness that theses fertile soils have provided over the centuries.
Megalithic Monuments in Outeiro dos Riscos in Gatão-Capelos confirm the ancestral human occupancy. Some Castros (hill forts) remind us of the presence of proto-historical tribes.

The roasted veal, accompanied by a sublime green sparkling wine, the “Cozido à Portuguesa” (boiled beef, vegetables, several kinds of sausages), the “broa de milho” (maize bread), sausages, smoked ham and cheese, among many others, show off the mountain side influence of the Vale de Cambra region.

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