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Valpaços is a lovely town located in the North region of the country, in the historical Trás-os-Montes region (literally meaning “behind the hills”), on the Padrela Mountain and in between the fertile valleys of the river Torto and the river Cabaçal.

This is a region with ancient human occupation, with archaeological vestiges since pre-historical times, as one can observe through the many megalithic monuments present in the region, as well as some Roman occupation vestiges, like the Valtelhas Bridge, over the Rabaçal River.

In the 13th century Valpaços was inhabited with noble families, attracted by a set of privileged led by kings in order to populate this strategically location, next to the border with Spain.

The manor houses and small palaces present in the region provide a gracious environment to Valpaços, denoting the importance of other times, like the Solar dos Pinto Leite, the Solar dos Calainhos (baroque), the Solar dos Morgados (the most ancient one) or the Solar dos Vieiras, in Vassal.

In Valpaços the Mother Church is worth to be seen, as well as the lovely bridge and the set of small religious popular monuments called “alminhas” that can be found all over the region showing the respect for the deceased, as well as the Santo Amaro, São Gonçalo and Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos Chapels and the lovely Nossa Senhora da Saúde Sanctuary with an astonishing landscape.

Not to be missed as well are the Fluvial Beaches, namely the Valtelhas, Rabaçal and Sanfins Beaches with good conditions for various leisure and sport activities, surrounded by idyllic landscapes.

Region mainly agricultural, Valpaços is situated on a fertile region, being famous for its tasty Gastronomy and quality products, like the pork sausages, fruits and wine.

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