Vendas Novas

Vendas Novas is a town situated in the vast Alentejo region, known for the National Road that crosses the locality and that once was a road for Kings, becoming afterwards the main road that linked Lisboa to Évora and Spain for many years.

In fact, the origins and development of the settlement are both ought to the construction of this road and of a Royal Palace that king D. João the 5th (1689 - 1750) ordered as a overnight stay on his way to the Alentejo region further south. Also the construction of two lodges that helped the development of Vendas Novas, as it was a strategic road for trading and agricultural communications.
Afterwards, the construction of the Railway provides a bigger development, with the arrival of Industry, workmen, merchandising, services, shops and an all new dynamic.

The town is proud of its great development and all its monuments like the referred Royal Palace where nowadays functions the Artillery Training School, with two interesting Museums, one indoors and another on open air. Throughout the years this Palace also served for cavalry barracks, telegraph office, and improvised hospital used during the yellow fever outbreak.
Vendas Novas is also proud of the lovely Vidigal’s Manor house, Chapel and Bullring dated from the 19th century; the Santo António do Outeiro and Nossa Senhora da Nazaré (15th century) Churches; the Monte Velho da Ajud, Real and São Pedro Chapels or the nearby lovely Church of São Domingos Sávio.

Another highlight of Vendas Novas is its pleasant municipal Park, with gardens of great beauty and the perfect place to enjoy delightful leisure moments.

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N 38º 40' 40.34'' , W 8º 27' 18.03''

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