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Vila de Rei

Vila de Rei is a lovely village situated in the central region of the country, considered to be the most Central village of the Country: at about 2km distance from the centre, in the Melriça Mountain is situated the Geodesic Centre of Portugal, from where one has an astonishing panorama.

The human occupancy of this territory dates back to pre-historical times, inhabited by Celts, Romans and Moors, just before the Christian re-conquest of the region.
This territory was donated on the 13th century to the Templars Order and later to the Order of Christ that much influenced the region.
In the beginning of the 19th century this region suffered with the French Invasions, and slowly recuperate from them.

Vila de Rei is surrounded by extensive areas of Pine tree forest and nowadays lives of agriculture, services and some industries that privileged from its central localization.

One of Vila de Rei’s highlight is Penedo Furado, a beautiful place with many trees, endowed by a set of water falls and two viewpoints, as well as other facilities that complete it.

In the pleasant historical centre of the village there are other highlights such as the 18th century Parish Church, the Misericórdia, Senhora da Guia e Nossa Senhora do Pranto Chapels and also the 17th Manor House “Casa do Capitão Mor” that was used as general quarters during the French Invasions and is nowadays a lovely accommodation unit.

Nearby is located the São Miguel de Amêndoa Hill Fort at 493 meters high, inhabited since the Iron Age, and also the wonderful Poios Waterfalls or the lovely Água Formosa village with schist buildings, situated by the Galega river.

The Geodesic museum is another highlight of the region, situated in Picoto of melriça Mountain, right in the Centre of Portugal; also the Vila de Rei’s Municipal Museum located in the “Casa do Patronato” manor house contains an interesting ethnographic collection.

Close by is situated the fabulous Castelo de Bode Dam, allowing wonderful landscapes and combining the perfect conditions for the practice of the most diversified leisure and tourism activities.

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