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Vila Nova da Barquinha

Vila Nova da Barquinha is a lovely village situated in the fertile and greenish region of the marshland Ribatejo terrains, in the Central region of the country, by the bank of the wide Tagus river.

This peaceful river is characterized by its lovely white rural architecture and by the influence of the Tagus river throughout the centuries, and also the proximity with the Zêzere river.

The origins of Vila Nova da Barquinha are quite remote, inhabited by men since pre-historical times, as it was observed in the Ribeira da Atalaia with Neanderthal vestiges, from 300 thousand years ago.
After the Christian re-conquest the region suffered a great development, and new fluvial ports were built, mainly the one in Tancos in the 16th century.
It was due to the great Tagus River that all the region developed after the 18th century, transforming the village Vila Nova da Barquinha into an important fluvial Port and trading depot.

The main attraction of this region is the superb Almourol Castle, situated in a small island in the middle of the Tagus river, nevertheless Vila Nova da Barquinha presents other highlights, such as the Mother Church of Atalaia, the Senhor Jesus Chapel, the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Chapel, the Roque Amador Chapel or the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church, also known as Vila Nova da Barquinha’s Mother Church situated in Tancos, and, of course, the Barquinha’s Bullring, the second oldest bullring in the Country.

Every year in June takes place the “Grande Feira”, the greatest festivity in Vila Nova da Barquinha, with a Bull Fair and lots of animation, uniting many visitors and locals, proud of their heritage.
In August takes place the “Festa do Rio e das Aldeias” (“the river and small villages Festivity”) with many colourful activities in both river banks.

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