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Vila Velha de Rodão

Vila Velha do Ródão is a village located in the central region of Portugal, characterized by the great river Tagus that since early times marked its influence as a way of subsistence and communication.

The origins of the village are lost in time, being occupied by man since early times, way before the creation of the Portuguese Nationality (on the 12th century). Vila Velha do Ródão was a strategic point between the Christian and the Muslim borders, granting the navigation security of the very important river Tagus. The village’s Castle was an important tool for this border protection.
On the 12th century, part of the territory was donated to the Order of the Temple that for centuries was responsible for the region.

For many centuries, Vila Velha de Ródão was mainly rural, however, ever since the second half of the 20th century, many industries were created and developed, changing evermore the architectural, cultural and human landscape.

Nevertheless, Vila Velha do Ródão is situated in a place of great natural beauty, as one can observe from its high Castle and from the amazing “Portas de Ródão”, probably the most interesting and beautiful place of this municipality, from where one has astonishing panoramas.

Vila Velha do Ródão presents the visitors with other highlights, like the Archaeological Stations of Foz do Enxarrique,or the ones in Famaco and Vilas Ruivas, but also other monuments like the Mother Church or the Manueline 16th century Pillory.

The natural heritage of the region is quite rich, with privileged spots like the Fratel and Pracana Dams, with perfect conditions for the practice of the most diversified leisure and sport activities.

The Tagus river offers to this region fresh products, allowing a diversified gastronomy, with a very famous speciality: the Seafood Soup (“Sopa de Peixe”), and also specialities based on lamprey, eel and allis shad.
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