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Viseu is located in a mountain range area, surrounded by several mountains, such as the Leomil, Montemuro, Lapa, Arado, Estrela, Lousã, and Caramulo, providing a special climate in the region, and lovely landscapes and panoramas all around.
Viseu is associated with the name “Viriato”, that was an heroic leader from the ancient tribe that lived in the nowadays Portuguese territory and fought against the Roman occupation.
Viseu has an extremely rich history, filled with an important historic, artistic, social and architectural heritage. One of the most important monuments is Viseu’s Cathedral, in Gothic style, built in between the 13th and the 14th centuries. From the Largo da Sé, the Square where the Cathedral is located, one can enter into the magical historic centre and its narrow streets filled with history and interesting buildings.
Other interesting monuments are worth the visit, such as the Misericórdia Church, in rococo style, the Soar de Cima door, located in the city wall, dating from the 15th century, or the interesting Grão Vasco Museum, with a great collection of art from the region. In fact, Viseu’s region has several interesting museums that are worth the visit (Silgueiros, Cava de Viriato, Vila Chã de Sá, Quartz Museum) or even the Solar do Vinho do Dão.
Surrounded by nature, in green tones, there are also some pleasant green areas inside the town of Viseu, perfect for a stroll and leisure activities.
The region is also famous for its rich gastronomy, with meat, pork, duck and cod-fish dishes and egg-based sweets and deserts. All along with the fantastic Dão wines that here are produced, given that Viseu area is located in the centre of this demarcated wine region.
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