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The lovely Vouzela village is located on the beautiful Lafões fertile region, a place of great natural beauty, heritage and an ancient history.

In fact, this is a village with quite ancient origins, with several important legacies such as the Senhora do Castelo Hill Fort, or the Roman occupancy inheritance as two important Roman roads were passed here, one of them heading to the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Located on a greenish region of great natural beauty and strong rural ambiance and tradition, Vouzela presents an interesting architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the Romanesque Mother Church, the Pillory, the 18th century Misericórdia Church, the lovely 17th century São Frei Gil Chapel, as well as the many Manor Houses and Palaces built with the regional granite, that can be found throughout the region, showing of the importance of agriculture and consequent riches generation for the “Lords of the land” throughout the centuries.
A visit to the interesting Vouzela Museum is mandatory, showing of the history and ethnography of the region, housing as well some works of Art from regional collectors.

From the Nossa Senhora do Castelo Park one has an astonishing panorama over part of the Vouzela region, where can also be found the Nossa Senhora do Castelo Chapel and also a Campsite.

Vouzela has been able to maintain its very own traditions, particularly rural, with wonderful traditional handmade objects in basketry, tapestry, lacework and linen.

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