Distrito de Aveiro

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Distrito de Aveiro

Most of the Aveiro District is located under 100m high with a wide Atlantic coast (about 40 km length) on the south side of the district. The higher places on the district are on the western and northern part with the Caramulo and Arada mountain ranges, and on the north east side the Montemuro mountain range. 
Origin of the name: “Aveiro” means a place full with birds, meaning that this area has been chosen all over the centuries by a large community of birds to live in. 

The wide coast in this area has drawn the way of living of the populations: the colours of the river, of the sand, and the proper traditional boats (moliceiros), costumes and gastronomy. The ocean has offered its heritage all over the centuries and the Aveiro district has done its best to preserve it. 

Based mainly on sea food as main dishes, prepared in a variety of techniques and ways. The symbol of the town of Aveiro, the ovos moles (literally meaning soft eggs), is a very sweet egg cream, an heritage of the medieval convents and monasteries in the area, where the nuns used to bake sweets and cakes with the products of the region. 
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Distrito de Aveiro

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