Distrito de Braga

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Distrito de Braga

Braga District is located in the North Western part of Portugal. This region is composed of dense vegetation and deep valleys, hidden between mountains and rivers. On the west side, the Atlantic coast, on the northern eastern part, the border with Spain. 

A profusion of green dominates the landscape, and the region is very humid, supporting a wide variety of trees, plants and flowers. 
This is the most religious district in Portugal, where afluent and fascinating remnants of Christian heritage are located. Monasteries, convents, cathedrals, churches, shrines, sanctuaries… The region was the origin of all ecclesiastic tradition, which developed in the area, Braga being one of the world's most ancient Christian town. 
The traditions of this region were ingrained and have survived up until the present day, such as traditional costumes, folk songs, festivals, fairs and handicraft styles. 

Not to miss 
The Sanctuaries (Bom Jesus, Sameiro and Falperra), Guimarães (the cradle of Portugal, with its historical downtown proclaimed a world heritage site by UNESCO), Barcelos, Esposende and Viera do Minho. 

This district represents one of the most richest culinary regions in the country. 
Codfish is a typical main dish, served in a myriad of ways. Octupus, small and big game, pork, ham, meat and beans dishes, all prepared with the finest olive oil, garlic and other scented herbs and accompanied by a variety of vegetables. 
Being such a religious region, Braga district has a rich tradition of pastries, cakes and deserts, usually baked with a lot of of eggs, milk and sugar. The region is famous for its Vinho Verde, a petulant wine, very fresh and light, literally meaning “Green Wine” referring to its youthful freshness rather than its colour (about 60% is white and 40% red, with a little rosé).
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Distrito de Braga

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