Distrito de Bragança

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Distrito de Bragança

Bragança district is located on the north east part of Portugal, in “Trás-os-Montes” region, literally meaning “Behind the Hills”. Trás-os-Montes has been all over the centuries the region in Portugal with the most difficult accesses, preserving through the time its own traditions, accents and flavours. 
Bragança district is composed by two different regions: one with high altitudes on the north, and another one on the south with the plain landscapes of the Douro river and its confluents and affluents. 

The river Douro is the main geographical feature in the region, being all over the centuries a source of food, communication and influence. 
It is still one of the less explored districts in the country. Nature is on its pure state, tradition is still a way of living in some parts of the region. 
Houses carved on granite, small villages, traditional fairs and festivities with a medieval taste that has not been changed throughout the years. 

In this district Pork dishes reign! The main dishes are made of and with pork. Smoked Pork and Ham are the specialty of the region. 
Olive oils based cooking, lamb and river food are also part of the gastronomy of this District. 
The wines from the vineyards of the river Douro provide the quality in one’s table.
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Distrito de Bragança

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