Distrito de Castelo Branco

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Distrito de Castelo Branco

The District of Castelo Branco is located in Central Eastern Portugal, on the border with Spain. 

This is a region of diversified landscapes. Part of the district is mountainous with some plateaus, dominated by the Serra da Estrela mountain (where the highest point in continental Portugal is located). 
The region is plentiful with pine and chestnut tree forests. 
The district is filled with small traditional and historical villages, many of them considered national heritage sites. 

The most well known product of this region is the Serra da Estrela cheese. However this is also a very rich area for lamb dishes, pork and vegetables, possesing a great tradition of pastries; cakes and desserts, such as egg-based desserts, olive biscuits and corn pastries among other sugar-based desserts and biscuits. 
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Distrito de Castelo Branco

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