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Distrito de Évora

Évora district is situated in the South of Portugal, right in the middle of Central Alentejo. 

The landscape is dominated by open rolling plains wheat fields, where beige, brown and pastel tones reign. On the eastern side is the border with southern Spain. Guadina river makes the difference on this dry landscape, as well as the Alqueva dam, that when filled to the planned level is the largest artificial lake in Western Europe. There are several interesting small villages in this region, that conserve even nowadays influences from the Moors and the Jewish that lived in the area for many years. The streets are narrow, the houses are pure white, with small windows, and with a line of colour on the walls, usually blue or yellow. This is a region of peace of mind, cold winters and really warm summers. 
Évora city centre is considered world heritage by UNESCO, and is still a perfect example of a traditional town in the Alentejo. 

The main dishes from this region are usually based on bread, olive oil, garlic, pork and lamb and scented herbs. As bread is “the” ingredient in the Alentejo, most of the dishes are prepared with it (Ensopado, Açorda, different kinds of Soup). 
For sweets and desserts, the religious convents and monasteries have marked their influence, with several traditional desserts based on eggs and sugar, as well as almonds and, of course, bread. 
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Distrito de Évora

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