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Distrito de Lisboa

The District of Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese) is located in South Central Portugal, the District Capital is the city of Lisboa, also the national Capital. 

The Region is the engine for national development and every day three million people live, study and work in this area. 
The main economic and financial infrastructure of the country is located here. 
It is a region of contrasts, where there are two realities: the metropolitan area of Lisbon and the rural areas on the east coast and the Marshland (Lezíra) of the Tagus. 
It is also a region which is extremely rich in historical and cultural heritage, with exquisite beaches, excellent golf courses and various leisure options available. It is one of the regions with the most sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

The gastronomy of the Region is well liked, mainly fish and seafood dishes which form a gastronomic treat from the Atlantic, such as fish and shellfish stew (caldeirada), seafood rice (arroz de marisco), fish soap (sopa de peixe),and the lobster dish Lagosta Suada. 
One can also try the snails, the deep-fried green beans (peixinhos da horta), chicken dish frango na púcara, kid and roast lamb and pork meals, along with sausages and different kinds of ham. In spring and summer time, the Charcoaled Sardines are the traditional Lisbon meal. There are also a wide variety of cheese and wine.
As for Sweets, the various convents and monasteries present in the region have left their mark in the confectionery of the region. Of note are the pastéis de feijão (bean pastries) from Torres Vedras, Travesseiros and Queijadas (egg and almond pastries) of Sintra and, of course, the pastéis de Belem (a very well-known egg custard pastry). 
Great wine is also produced in this region, being the most famous the ones produced in Colares, Bucelas and Carcavelos. 

Distrito de Lisboa

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