Distrito de Portalegre

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Distrito de Portalegre

Portalegre District is situated on the south-eastern Portugal, mostly located on Alentejo region and part on Ribatejo region. 

This region has been sought by mankind since prehistoric times. Over half a hundred dolmens and menhirs - of which the Meada (Castelo de Vide), is the biggest of the Iberian Peninsula - bear witness to the exuberance of the megalithic culture. 
The region’s flora and fauna are protected in a natural park, to preserve its richness and diversity. Here one can enjoy relaxing pedestrian routes and observe animals as wild eagles, deers and wild boars that live between forests of oaks and chestnuts.
Portalegre District is a region of peace of mind, surrounded by small villages where nature and tradition live in harmony. Moorish and Jewish presence have left its legacy throughout the region in architecture, religious monuments, words, food, agriculture and tradition. 

The gastronomy of the region is very rich and diversified. One can choose to try the the Sausages from Castelo de Vide, from Nisa and from Arronches, or the Kid stews, the Hare with the Red Beans and the fried Rabbit with Alentejo Olive oil. The delicious regional Bread, that you can add to the Sheep Cheeses from Nisa. In this regíon one can also find an enormous variety of Cakes and Pastries, such as the "Celestes" from Santarém, the "Palha" from Abrantes, the "Imperial" cakes from Almeirim, those from Évora baked with Eggs and Almond paste, and the convent pastries from Portalegre and from Beja. 

Distrito de Portalegre

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