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Distrito de Santarém

The District of Santarém is located in Central Portugal, the District's Capital is the city of Santarém, and it is located in Ribatejo (literally meaning “above the river Tagus”) region. 

Tagus river represents the main influence on this district, and there are visible differences between the area closer to the river, and the one closer to the north east side of the district. 
This is a fertile area with small lakes and marshland, rich with bird species and full of meadows for grazing horses and bulls. Here you can find the famous herdsmen, watch a bullfight or the running of the bulls. 
Santarém region has portrays a major role in Portuguese history. This was the land of Princes, castles, palaces, forts and legendary battles that took place in this area over centuries, while the Tagus river played a very important part Therefore, the historical and cultural inheritance in this district is very strong.
The river Tagus and the mountain ranges both affected the cuisine in this District. The most traditional ingredients are pork (with a wide variety of sausages and ham), food of the river, small and big game. Goat cheese is also a very appreciated local taste, as well as olives and different kinds of bread. Different types of nuts, fresh and dry fruit, and several vegetables are also used in a large variety of dishes. 
Sweets and desserts are mainly based on Eggs, Sugar, Milk, Honey, dried Fruit and oriental spices such as Cinnamon.
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Distrito de Santarém

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