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Distrito de Setúbal

The District of Setúbal is located in the South of Portugal, delimited by the districts of Lisbon and Santarém on the north, the district of Évora on the east, the district of Beja on the south and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. 

Diversified in its characteristics, Setúbal District congregates the lezírias of Alcochete and sandy beaches of Almada, the industrial past of Barreiro with the brave party of the Moita, the swine creation in Montijo, the castle and the wines of Palmela with the bay of Seixal, the nature of the Arrábida mountain range in Setúbal and the fishing tradition of Sesimbra, Santiago do Cacém with its hype beaches and the roman vestiges in Miróbriga and Sines. 
In this region are located six protected areas: the nature reserves of the Estuaries on the Tejo and the Sado, the natural park of the Arrábida, the protected landscapes of Fossil Arriba on the Coast of the Caparica, and the nature reserve of the Lagoons of Saint André and Sancha and a part of the natural park of the southwestern Alentejano and Costa Vicentina. 

Located in such a rich and wonderfull coastline, the identity of Setúbal is affirmed by the fish plates, mainly mackarel, octopus, flatfish, angler and a variety of shellfish, that one can feast on with a fresh light local wine, in a sunny esplanade. 
For dessert one can choose from a variety of specialities: pies, cheese cakes, very sweet egg and sugar tarts, cinamon cookies, among many other sweet tooth satisfactions. 
From this district comes also one of the great Portuguese cheeses: the cheese of Azeitão. Palmela wines are also the epitomee of quality and tradition of the region.

Distrito de Setúbal

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