Distrito de Viana do Castelo

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Distrito de Viana do Castelo

The District of Viana do Castelo is located in the northwest of Portugal bounded by Spain in the north, and Braga District in the south. 

This is a region of mountain ranges, with several rivers and also one of the regions of the country with more natural beauties. Natural Spring Waters and Waterfalls, lovely beaches, green landscapes surrounded by mountain ranges, offer views of paradise.
The District has always been very religious, with ancient temples along with rich and artistic baroque monuments. 
Tradition has always been very important for the habitants of this region, and has been proudly preserved all over the years. Handicraft, traditional dances and singing, everything seems to breath tradition and symbolism. 

Codfish prepared in all kind of ways and always with a great amount of delicious Olive oil got to be at the table! Cattle, Pork, Chicken and Lamb are also often utilised, in traditional dishes like “Rojões” or “Sarrabulho”, prepared or served with Bread, Potatoes, Vegetables and Rice. 
Sweets and Desserts are traditionally very sweet, prepared with Egg and Sugar (manjericos and barquilhos) and also Rabanadas, a kind of French toast made from white bread slices soaked a liquid made with black tea or milk, sugar, cinamon, lemon peel and wine (sometimes port wine), after they are drained and coated in egg and fried. While hot they are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. 

Distrito de Viana do Castelo

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