Distrito de Viseu

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Distrito de Viseu

Viseu District is located in the Central Inland of Portugal, in fact this is the only District where the border does not confine either with the atlantic ocean nor with Spain. 

Viseu is one of the most mountainous Districts of the country, where the bulks of the mountain ranges of the Lapa (953m), Leomil (1008m), Caramulo (1071m), Gralheira (1116m), and Montemuro (1382m) are located. 
In its valleys the tributaries of the Douro run, respectively the Távora, the Varosa and the Paiva, and the rivers Vouga, Dão and the Mondego.
There are several great National Monuments located in this region, many of them proof of ancient human presence, such as the Dólmen de Areita (S. João da Pesqueira), the prehistoric sepulture Castro da Nossa Senhora da Guia and Capela and Adro of Nossa Senhora da Guia (S. Pedro do Sul), among others.
This is a region of important religious traditions and heritage, therefore there are several important monuments along the District.

The flavours of the Beira soup or “Caldo Verde”, “Migas à Lagareiro”, shrub rice, “Rancho à Moda de Viseu”, Roast Veal, Roasted Kid, Duck Rice, Smoked Ham, Sausages (black-pudding, smoked pork sausage, pork sausage made of flour)… are the delight of those who seek them.
There is a great variety of Bread – “pão de mistura” (type of bread), Rye Bread, Maize Bread to have with or in between meals, with Cheese, Butter and Wine.
Based on ancient recipes, the Dessert specialties can be Custard or Rice Pudding, Curd Cheese or Bread pudding, “papas de milho”, or a variety of biscuits and traditional “eat and beg for more” pastries like “Castanhas de Ovos” (Egg and Sugar Custard) of Viseu, usually prepared with Sugar, Milk, Egg and Dried Fruits.

Distrito de Viseu

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