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The Alentejo 6 Senses is a company of Activities of Tourist Animation created by 2 eborenses, lovers of the Alentejo and the Alentejo wines, with the intention of valorizing the natural, cultural and historical patrimony of the region. For this, the Alentejo 6 Senses offers Wine Tours, private and tailored throughout the Alentejo.
The Alentejo boasts unique and very unique characteristics, resulting from a combination of natural and cultural heritage. Its
landscape is a reflection of the history and culture of different
peoples who have left their testimonies here, shaping and sculpting the
plains that we can contemplate today, wandering gently among cork oak
and holm oaks, olive groves, fallows and vines, whose presence Millennia makes the Alentejo region to be directly related to
viticulture, and is strongly rooted in the traditions and culture of the
Alentejo people.

us the wine culture deserves to be discovered, experienced and enhanced
and among the many riches of the Alentejo, we intend to emphasize the
ethnographic heritage of the region, especially what is related to wine,
using it as a starting point to disseminate And make known the Alentejo region.
In Alentejo 6 Senses we want visitors to feel the Alentejo in a
familiar environment through our "Wine tours", which provide direct
contact with the wine culture (vineyards and wineries),
Culminating in the tasting of the "nectar of the gods".
In the following it is imperative that the visitors remain immersed in the Alentejo soul and that
the wine experience, our tours will give you an explosion of senses
through observations of the landscape, as well as stops in tourist
places and of interest, appreciation of other regional products,
enhancing the value of Alentejo resources, valuing beyond wine, Other products of our Alentejo heritage, thus contributing not only to their
Dissemination to also increase the economy among local producers and traders.

offer 2 types of tours: Alentejo 6 Senses tours (+/- 4h) and Theme
Tours (+/- 8h), both with experiences and activities framed in the
ethnographic heritage of Alentejo, encompassing from the gastronomy,
traditions, culture, Monuments and museums, and other seasonal activities of equal cultural
interest can also be integrated and also rich in experiences such as
grape harvesting, grape treading, olive picking or cork oak.

The prices of the tours will depend on the area where the winery is included and the length of the tour, with
Prices for the tours Alentejo 6 senses (+/- 4 h) from 40 € / px and the Thematic (1 day) from 80 € / px.

Already available in both versions we have:
- Cork Tour
- Rattle Tour
- Alqueva Tour
- Pottery Tour
- Historic Tour


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