Álamo is a peaceful small settlement in the Alcoutim village, by the amazing Guadiana riverbank that has influenced the place throughout the centuries.

This small settlement was once inhabited by Visigoths and Moors, and houses one of the greatest archaeological testemonies of the region: the Roman Ruins of the Álamo Dam, an ancient structure that shows off the strong Roman presence in long gone times.
What is left nowadays of the Dam is a wall with circa 50 meters length and the maximum height of 3 meters.

At about 100 meters distance from the Dam were discovered vestiges of a Roman Villa, with a set of necropolis, a temple, workshops, wells and parts of residences.

Álamo’s small settlement offers gorgeous landscapes and moments of great peace of mind, with the freshness of the river, that also provides great conditions for the practice of the most diversified sport and leisure activities.

It is worth knowing this big river and its lovely banks, with the opportunity to do it by the delightful road that goes side by side with the riverbank or even by boat, renting it or in one of the many tours that are organized in the region.



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