São Gião

Oliveira do Hospital


São Gião is a lovely small village nearby Oliveira do Hospital, in the Central region of the Country, in the wonderful Alva Valley, a mountain side area in the Estrela Mountain Natural Park.

São Gião’s region has superb landscapes, with greenish valleys, woods and pine trees forest, as well as abudance of crystalline water courses.

The village has an interesting heritage, like the Mothers Church bult in 1795, the 7th century Nossa Senhora da Criação and the Senhor dos Aflitos (19th century) Chapels or the 19th century Almas Chapel.

In the village there are several Manor Houses, denoting the economic importance of São Gião, notably due its agricultural feature, producing several regional products well known, like the much appreciated Serra Estrela Cheese.

One of the greatest highlights in the region is the lovely Fluvial Beach with crystalline waters, perfect for the most diversified activities, and with several facilities, such as a Campsite and other accommodation points, as well as restaurants.

Also not to be missed are the natural Caves of Penedo da Moura of great beauty.

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