Aldeia Típica de José Franco

Mafra, Sobreiro - Mafra


José Franco was born in 1920. His parents were potters by profession, manufacturers of small tiles that farmers in the region used in their homes, and so he too began to manufacture and sell his small pottery door to door and in folk festivals and fairs.By 1945 José Franco dreamed he could build a living museum of his region to mimic the habits of his childhood and some aspects and activities of peasant life.The most amazing part of this wonderful set is made up of small sets built in the style of a crib, with figurines of clay modeled by José Franco, replicating a village with houses that are copies of the houses on the outskirts of Lisbon from the end of the century.Inside the castle that José Franco built for delight of the children there is another village full of pictures of people in their usual activities - weddings, baptisms, rural churches, and the work of the fields.The center of this small world of wonder is a potters workshop where José Franco was shaping in clay dozens of pictures representing the pastor, the miller, the farmer, the barber, the pig slaughter and all typical figures of the region.A worthwhile visit !!!

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