Foz and Chãs d' Égua Small Villages



The small villages of Foz and Chãs da Égua are part of the Piódão village, and share with it the mystical beauty of the Açor Mountain.

These beautiful small villages are characterized by its rural mountain look, with its typical Schist and Slate houses, surrounded by an incredible natural environment in almost pure state, rich in diversified species of fauna and flora.

For many years isolated, these are villages with quite ancient origins that have survived the difficulties in community. Nevertheless, for many years, in the top of this mountain, was situated a Royal road that linked Coimbra to Covilhã.

The fifty rupestrian paintings dated from the Neolithic and Bronze Age in the Chãs d’Égua village attest the ancestry of the region, and are supposed to be only part of a even more important archaeological discovery.

In Foz d’Égua is situated an astonishing Fluvial Beach, the point of confluence of the Piódão and the Chãs rivers, providing crystalline waters that run towards the Alvoco river and create one of the highlights of the region.

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