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Altares is a charming rural village located on the northwest slope of the amazing Terceira Island, Azoes Archipelago, considered to be one of the most ancient villages in the island, founded before 1480.

Situated on the skirts of the lovely Santa Bárbara’s volcanic mountain range, which provides a lovely ambiance that conjugates both mountain and sea.
Its fertile soils, the several water courses and the high levels of humidity provided since early times the rural and cattle breeding feature of Altares.

Altares got famous in the Island for its resistance during the military Liberal rebellion in 1828, supporting the Absolutist forces.
Throughout the years Altares has suffered with the several natural catastrophes that have devastated the Island, namely suffering great human and physical damages with the big earthquake of 1980, leading to a strong emigration of the populations.

The Altares region presents several highlights that reveal its natural substance, such as the Cerro das Cales Forest Area, the Cerro das Ribeira dos Gatos, the lovely Natal Cave of the idyllic Negro and Cerro Lakes.

Also quite remarkable are the São Roque Church with origins in the 15th century, the Holy Spirit Empire dated from 1903 or the interesting Ethnographic Museum that shows off the history, costumes, traditions, culture and nature of Altares throughout the years.

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