Álvaro is a lovely small village nearby Oleiras, situated in a slope over the amazing river Zêzere, in the Cabril lake, with wonderful landscapes.

Álvaro village is part of a project named “Aldeias de Xisto” (Schist Villages), a project with preservation purposes of such a great inheritance that is the traditional popular architecture. Álvaro is one of the “white schist villages”, as a great majority of its buildings are constructed in schist; however the historical evolution led into many of its outside walls were painted in white colour, changing much of its Schist look.

In Álvaro the clock seems to have stopped, there is no ticking, and tradition is still what it used to be for the around 80 inhabitants of the village.

The Misericórdia Church is worth the visit, along with the many religious chapels and features throughout the area, but what is really astonishing is the natural beauty of the region, like the lovely Fluvial Beach, possessing good facilities and very frequented during summer time.



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