Alvito is calm, peaceful village in Alentejo, with a rural architecture with white houses decorated with a line of blue or yellow.
The human presence in this region reports from long time ago, with vestiges since the Neolithic period, as well as from the Copper Age, the Bronze Age and from the Iron Age.
Once a very important city of the Alentejo, with a great development during the early modern period, however its growth has stagnated from the 1960’s onwards.
This historic village has a wonderful heritage, with a 15th century Castle, where nowadays a luxury hotel operates, and emblematic streets, with tiny architectural details, mainly from the 15th and 16th century, such as small arches or Manueline doors.
With a strong religious faith and tradition, Alvito is very proud of its beautiful churches, as for instance the Nossa Senhora da Assunção Church, or the Santo António Church, the Matriz or the Misericórdia Church or the Chapels of Nossa Senhora das Candeias and São Bartolomeu, or even the delightful Convents of São Francisco or Nossa Senhora dos Mártires.
Quite interesting are the Alvito Caves, underneath the Rossio Square, a set of galleries consequential of the stone exploitation since the 12th century.
Nearby the village of Alvito, is situated the Água de Peixes Palace, a quite interesting medieval construction with origins on the 12th century.

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