Ansiães Castle

Carrazeda de Ansiães


The archaeological researches made in the mount where is located the Ansiães Castle reveal an occupancy with around five thousand years. The defensive walls wew probably built during the Moorish occupancy of the territory.

This Castle and the locality of Ansiães were quite important around 1160 until 1510.

The Castle’s structures have been enhanced over the centuries, yet probably as from the 16th century, the village’s population moved to other places and the Castle suffered degradation.
Classified as a National Monument, the Castle has had several conservation works around the years.

The Castle is located inside a defensive wall which protected the medieval residential area and is constituted by a structure of reinforced walls with five towers. In the perimeter is located the São Salvador de Ansiães Church, that was probably built in the 13th century, considered to be a jewel of the medieval Portuguese architecture.

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