Livramento Anta / Chapel



Tha Nossa Senhora do Livramento Anta / Chapel is situated next to the lovely small village of São Brissos, in the Montemor-o-Novo department, in the heart of the vast and astonishing Alentejo region.

This is a region with several human occupancy vestiges since remote periods, and this megalithic monument is one perfect symbol of those vestiges, transformed into a Chapel during the 17th century.

The original chamber, in granite stone, constitutes the chapel’s courtyard and vestiges of the corridor, the covering stone and five support stones are still visible, even though they are painted.

This interesting Megalithic Monumet was until recently a place of Processions and pilgrimage, specially during the Holy Week.
In dry years, the population used to organized a procession requesting for Rain.

Nowadays to visit this Anta / Chapel it is necessary to schedule in advance and ask for the key.

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