Aveiro is a delightful town in central Portugal, with around 60 thousand inhabitants.
This is an ancient town, that already existed even before the formation of the Portuguese nationality in the 12th century. The privileged geographic location, next to the Ria de Aveiro, the salt-pits (valuable for the conservation of foods), fishing and the maritime commerce, lead all over the centuries to the population fixation.

The privileged conditions of the population were bunged in the end of the 16th century, when the canal that links the ria to the ocean was closed, blocking the Port use and causing the waters stagnation. This last for about two centuries, leading to a big population decrease.
In the beginning of the 19th century the works orientated by the French Engineer Reinaldo Oudinot and by the Portuguese Engineer Luís Gomes de Carvalho, resolve the issue in only two months.

Ria de Aveiro is nowadays the result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of coastal strips.

One of the Aveiro’s main highlight was the traditional Moliceiro Boat, an embarkation destined to the catch and transport of the “moliço” (an algae used as dung). Nowadays these boats are used for guided tours of the Ria, providing amazing leisure moments in a divine landscape.

Jesus Church, Senhor das Barrocas Chapel, S. Gonçalinho Chapel, Carmelitas Church, São Doimingos Church, Santo António Church, Carmo Church, Nossa Senhora da Apresentação Church, Misericórdia Church.

Aveiro Museum (Santa Joana Princesa), Arlindo Vicente Republic Museum; Hunt and Fishing Museum

Aveiro presents a diversified gastronomy, presenting specialities such as “caldeirada de enguia” (eel stew), ray with condiment sauce, eel marinade (escabeche), the mussel “espetada“, “carneiro à lampantana” (roated mutton in proper dark clay recipients) or the famous roasted sucking pig.

The very famous ovos moles («soft eggs»), are the main speciality of Aveiro, consisting on sweetened egg yolk in candied casings shaped like fish or barrels.

Hotel As Américas, Hotel Afonso V, Hotel Imperial, Hotel João Padeiro, Hotel Jardim Afonso V, Hotel Mercure Aveiro, Hotel Arcada, Hotel Moliceiro, Pensão Beira, Pensão Santa Joana, Pensão José Estêvão, Pensão João Capela, Pensão Estrela.
Albergue de Juventude de Aveiro, Orbitur Campsite, Aveiro Municipal Campsite.

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