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Liberdade Avenue links the Restauradores Square to the Marquês de Pombal Square, and is considered to be one of the most elegant places in Lisboa, place of election for prestige offices, old trees, fashion shops, designer’s stores, a place for celebrations and festivities, manifestations and passageway for thousands and thousands of everyday workers.
Afetr the big 1755 earthquacke that destroyed most of the city, this was the place of election of the Marquês de Pombal (Minister of the kingdom at that time, that established all the urban plan that re-built the town) to benefit the social class that so helped his plans, and created in the lower part of this Avenue the so called “Passeio Público” (Public Walk), surrounded by walls and gates, that was destined to the Noble and Bourgeois class. Its walls were demolished in 1821, when the Liberals got the power, and therefore opened this Walk to the Public, as its own name affirmed.
The Avenue got its current plan in between 1879 and 1882, according to the Champs Elysées, in Paris, with 90 meters wide and the pavements decorated with abstract patterns, being nowadays the 35th most expensive Avenue in the world. Liberdade Avenue still maintains some of its original buildings and manor houses, great art noveau facades, and is now filled with Hotels, Cafeterias, Theatres, Universities and luxury stores.
Providing pleasant walks among historical trees, fountains, and lovely esplanades, in Liberdade Avenue there are also some monuments, such as the one that homage the Deceased of the First Great War.



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