Barbacena is a peacefull locality in the lovely Elvas department, located in the vast Alentejo region. A place filled with ancient history, where many people and civilizations have passed.

In fact, it is though that this locality was developed after a pre-Roman hill fort. Afterwards the settlement was conquered to the Moors during the reign of King D. Sancho II (1223-1248) and since then was declared Portuguese territory.

Barbacena, once a more developed and influent locality, located quite close to the border with Spain, was for many times attacked and sieged, namely during the Succession War in Spain, and in many other occasions until the 19th century. This fact lead, of course, to the progressive abandonment of the locality and consequent desertification.

Nevertheless, Barbacena is proud of its ancient and rich heritage, presenting monuments such as the Nossa Senhora d aGraça Church, the 16th century Pillory, the Mother Church built in 1273, the Castle that for many times protected the settlement, the many fountains in the region, among many other legacies.

Traditions have been well kept in Barbacena, where there is still time and place for Handicraft, agriculture, ancient festivities, and of course, the much appreciated Alentejo’s typical gastronomy.

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