Santa Clara Dam



Located on a small plain ground washed by the Mira river, quite cloise to tnhe Algarve’s region border, the Santa Clara Dam was once the biggest dam in the Country.

Built during the Estado Novo, the authoritarian regime installed in 1933 until 1974, the Dam’s lake covers an area of 1986 hectares.

All the lake area presents astonishing landscapes with water, mounts and valleys, in a peaceful ambiance that calls all senses, and provides wonderful conditions for the most diversified nautical sports.

Next to the road that accesses the Dam, the D. Maria Bridge, or Roman Bridge as it is also known, highlights.

Also quite interesting is the Santa Clara-a-Velha Hotel, with a singular view over the valley where the lovely Mira river runs and the peaceful lake sleeps.

The small village of Santa Clara-a-Velha, where is situated part of the Dam, also deserves a visit. It is a small, white and flowered village that was developed around the Santa Clara de Assis Church, maintaining even nowadays it charming rural features.



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