Borba is a lovely village located in the vast Alentejo region, known for the production quality of two important articles: Wine and Marble.

Borba’s region has several vestiges of ancient human occupation, notably of Celts tribes, yet its development as a settlement was mainly after the Christian re-conquest to the Moorish power in 1217, after that offered to the Chivalry Military Order of Aviz that populated, defended and organized the territory.

Borba is located nearby the border with Spain and always had defensive concern, and also a strategic position, nearby important localities like Elvas, Estremoz and Vila Viçosa.

This beautiful village shows the wealthy that the Marble production has provided throughout the years, with the predominance of this material in all the village’s architecture and decorative motifs.
Borba has several monuments worth to be visit, like the Mother Church from the 15th century, the Senhor Jesus dos Aflitos Chapel (17th century), the Paroquial Church of São Bartolomeu, or the lovely Santo António and São Sebastião Chapels.
Several manor houses denote the economical significance of this village for centuries, like the Silveira Menezes Palace, the Morgados Cardosos Noble House or the Família Alvarez Palace, among others.
The Bicas Fountain, or “Chafariz de Borba” is one of the main monuments in the village, made with the rich Marble of the region in a construction of 1781, as well as the charismatic “Passos do Senhor“, from the 18th century, a set of baroque small buildings, artistically sculpted in marble, attesting the Religious faith of the region.

The Borba Wine is one of the most famous in the Country, already with international reputation, with a great colour and a strong flavour. Every year, on the first two weeks of November, this wine can be properly degusted during the “Festa do Vinho e da Vinha” (Wine and Wineyard Fair), attracting to the village many visitors.

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