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Situated in the exquisite Chiado department, one of the most famous and renowned old quarters of Lisboa, the Brasileira of Chiado, is one of the most historical and legendary cafeteria of the Portuguesa capital.

Founded in November 1905 by Adriano Telles, that had important trading contacts in Brazil, which allowed him to import the most diversified exotic products at a good price, “Brasileira” sold the “Genuine Brazil coffee”, changing forever a truly Portuguese habit: the “bica”, an espresso that nowadays is almost mandatory on every Portuguese lifestyle.
The “Brasileira” with its Brazilian products and the wise promotion that was made got more famous, and in 1908 opens the first Coffee Room, a novelty in Lisboa, becoming a place of election of the town’s intellectual elite.

As from 1920 Brasileira becomes even more famous, frequented by such cultural important names as Fernando Pessoa, Almada Negreiros, Eduardo Viana, Bernardo Marques, Stuart Carvalhais or Jorge Barradas.

In the famous and very pleasant esplanade is situated the highlight of the “Brasileira”: the bronze sculpture representing one of the most notable frequenter of the cafeteria - the writer Fernando Pessoa - seating, appreciating his espresso. A notable work of art of Lagoa Henriques.

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