São Vicente Cape

Sagres - Vila do Bispo


Situated in the southwestern side of Portugal, close to Sagres, was once named by the Romans as the "Sacred Promontory", dedicated to the God Saturn. In that time it was said that this was place of the Gods that could only be visited during day time, as it, at night, was only for the presence of the Gods.
With an indescribable landscape where the land with its cliffs engraves the infinite sea, the São Vicente Cape is reflection of the Portuguese Discoverer strong characteristic. Here it is even possible to observe the passage of the embarkations that sail between the Mediterranean Sea and the North of Europe.

In the old convent of the São Vicente Cape, in its origin a Franciscan Convent, known as the Convent of the Crow, where already the monks would light bonfires sending smoke signs to the embarkations, is today incorporated a Lighthouse already with technology of the 20th century, replacing an older one from the 16th century.

The São Vicente Cape Fortress, built in the 16th century, with other construction work made in the 17th and 18th centuries, is a place with a very special mystic, even the Romans already called it as Lugum Cineticum: the place where the sun was a hundred times bigger that it even got to boil the sea.

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