Cachopo is a lovely small village in the Tavira department, situated in the wonderful Algarve region, on the amazing Caldeirão Mountain, considered to be the most typical in the North-East of the Algarve.

This mountain side village, situated in a beautiful valley, has been occupied by man since ancient times, presenting several archaeological vestiges of great importance.

Cachopo maintains its rural tradition, producing here some of the typical Algarve’s products, such as honey, cork, wool and cheese.

It is worth knowing Cachopo and the small rural settlements on its environs, characterized by its popular architecture with one floor houses, schist walls painted in white, some of them with colourful bars around doors and windows, with the typical Algarve chimney on the roof.
Cachopo’s highlights are the Santo Estevão Mother Church dated from 1535; the “Casas Circulares” (Round houses) or “Palheiros” (barns), pre-historic stone houses that have been used by farmers; the rural Windmills; the interesting “Fonte Férrea” that once was the place of election of the Algarve’s rich people for its medicinal waters and is nowadays a leisure place, with a lovely snack park.

Quite interesting is the Cachopo Museum Nucleus, specialized in the ethnology of the region, aiming for the preservation of the traditions and workmanships of the Caldeirão Mountain that still has in Handicraft one of its main activities.

There are several pedestrian tours previously organized, providing amazing landscapes, allowing to get to know the “other” Algarve, near the Alentejo region, far and different from the touristic Algarve of the golden beaches and crystalline waters, yet filled with tradition, heritage and amazing panoramas waiting to be discovered.

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