Viso's Roman Road



Situated in the Setúbal environs, in Grelhal locality, this piece of an ancient Roman Road with about 300 meters shows off the importance that the Cantabria (Setúbal) region had by the time of the Roman occupancy of the Iberian Peninsula, for here one of the most important Roads of the region passed through.

In fact this piece of track was part of the Roman Road that linked Olissipo (Lisboa) to Cantabria (Setúbal) and from there to Salácia (Alcácer do Sal) and Ébora (Évora) heading to the much important Emérita Augusta (Mérida, in Spain), leaving from the Fluvial Port of Equabona (Coina).

This piece of road with about 2000 years old is situated in a pine tree forest area, and is part of an interesting pedestrian itinerary from where one has lovely panoramas.

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