Graciosa Cauldron

Santa Cruz da Graciosa


The beautiful Graciosa Cauldron is a circular depression with 1600 meters of diameter and 350 meters depth , situated on the place where once was located the top of the volcano from which emerged this wonderful Graciosa Island, on the Central Group of the Azores Archipelago.

The Graciosa Cauldron allows landscapes of great natural beauty, housing on its territory important natural species, which led to its classification as Regional Natural Monument.
Here is situated the famous Sulphur Cave (“Furna do Enxofre”) that attracts many visitors, and also the interesting Maria Encantada Cave, a promontory of great beauty, that also offers an astonishing panorama, situated on the Cauldron’s crest, constituted by a lava tube with about 60 meters long.

The greenish landscape charms those who contemplate, on an environment of truthful peace of mind and tranquillity, on a wonderful deep green tone, that accompanies the waviness of the soil, on a charming Forest Park.

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